Trainer Development

In-House Trainer Programs



Trainer Development

The amount of time that is spent with the trainee to learn is directly rewarded with success of your in-house training program. 

It is often overlooked at the amount of information the instructor is required to know, to ensure your associates are trained properly and working safely. 

Would your in-house training program stand up in a court of law demonstrating due diligence was taken?

Trainers need time to learn


Elite Training believes that your in-house training must have every chance to be successful. 

It is about teaching people to be skillful. In-house trainers need to be proficient to eliminate accidents, injuries and fatalities. We must provide in-house trainer enough time to learn and practice their skills under direct supervision of a competent instructor. 

Successful Programs


  Your company trainer can create a successful environment for associates to grow in their knowledge and skills. 

The trainer(s) will receive a custom site-specific PowerPoint presentation to use to deliver to their own theory classes. They also will receive all custom paperwork to document their training. As well we remain a valuable resource to assist with any concerns they may have.

Public Speaking



What our promise is to you ...

We want your trainers to be dynamic and interesting for your students they train. With their custom site-specific presentation they also can provide great due diligence.

The learning model for your in-house trainer is that the trainer requires assistance with public speaking. Also how to instruct and coach an individual with the practical hands-on training including evaluating their performance.

Practice Makes Perfect



We provide a “Trainer Development” program to assist in your training program so it is  successful and your in-house trainer(s) are a valuable asset to your overall safety.


 We suggest having trainees, present to your management staff, why they would like this position as an in-house trainer. This give you a chance to see the effort and skills they put in to obtaining this opportunity. 

Growth for In-House Trainers



Trainer Development: Advanced workshops for your in-house trainer

We recommend advance training every 3 years, to upgrade their knowledge and skills as well as motive your trainers to continue to grow their own training style...


As your company makes improvements and evolves, we also want to ensure your training incorporates those changes. We will be supporting your in-house trainers with new material, notices of changes in the industry and as an adviser for concerns and questions they may have. Additional training may be required when new equipment is provided.