Generic Training vs Custom Training

Custom Site-Specific PowerPoint Presentations



Generic Presentations

Trainees cannot see what tasks they perform.
They may be blind to site-specific concerns and hazards.

Can ONE PRESENTATION convey all the information required for every facility in Ontario ?

Do you believe your present Training Provider demonstrates the best Due Diligence for your Company ?

Custom Training Presentations



Elite Safety Training conducts custom site-specific theory presentations at no additional cost to your training. 

Looking for operator training for Forklifts, Lift Trucks, Aerial Work Platforms (Portables, Scissor & Boom Lifts), Overhead Cranes as well as Management Workshops. All presentations are custom designed for your facility for the best training and due diligence. We also provide “Pedestrian Awareness” presentations for personnel that may come in contact with material handling equipment at no additional cost. Our goal is for your company to be successful with well-trained, very knowledgeable, efficient and safe associates.

We create pride in operator's skills



Our training philosophy

Custom training involves your associates throughout the entire process. It all starts when we enter your facility. We talk to operators, management and pedestrians to understand their difficulties, concerns and successes. Excitement is created with anticipation for their upcoming training when photographs are taken!

Clients hear from their associates about the difference in there program after having training by Elite…  

 Elite Training is very proud to be a Committee Member of the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) B335-15 Safety standard for lift trucks B167-08 Overhead travelling cranes - Design, inspection, testing, maintenance, and safe operation 

In Ontario … 2.17 forklift related accidents per day